• Wired Thermal Vallidation System

    Wired Thermal validation system
    Asset Centric data management
    Automatic calibration & Verification
    Total System accuracy at 0.10C
    21 CFR Part 11 complaint
    Meets regulatory requirements like cGMP, HTM 2010, EN 285, ISO 17665
  • Wireless Thermal Validation System

    Valprobe & Valprobe RT
    True wireless online system
    Stores 100000 samples
    Different Sensor type option specific to applications
    Longer battery life with automatic sleep mode system
    Accuracy meets requirements for ISO-17665, EN554 and EN285
    Legacy wireless valprobe option available
  • Wireless Area mapping & monitoring solution

    RF Valprobe II and Labwatch IOT
    Stores 10000 samples per sensor
    Real time data
    2 year battery performance
    Accuracy meets requirements for ISO-17665, EN554 and EN285
    Emergency Battery backup for base station (30 min)
    On filed calibration verification possible
    Cloud base monitoring solution
  • Temperature Calibrators (BATHS)

    Automated calibration
    Accurate & repeatable calibration
    DRY and Liquid easy interchangeable wells
    Dry Block inserts design to accommodate thermocouples, IRTD, ValProbes, etc
    Customize inserts available
    Easy to use touch screen
  • Transport Vallidation System

    Transport validation logger
    NFC based data reading
    Available with single & multiple
    Temperature range -1000C to +1000C
    Stores 5000 samples
    Programmable login interval
  • Thermal Validation Accessories

    Thermal Validation Accessories
    Smart Gasket with various options of sensor input and different sizes
    Durable silicon with platinum cured
    Clamps with sensor slot
    Capping solution for vials
  • Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

    Headspace Oxygen Analyzer
    Non Destructive Methodology
    Uses TDLAS Technology for detection of the Gas Concentration
    Available for Vial, Ampoule and Bags
    Handy Tool for CCIT
    Quick Measurement time of 2 Sec
    Lab At-line online Measurement
    No Consumables or frequent Calibration
    USP 1207 Recommended method
  • Online HSO analyzer

    The VialArch is a unique and new innovative solution for the pharmaceutical industry.It is easy to integrate, easy to use, calibration free, with measurement sampling and evaluation directly from the module.
    Topper for mance for HSA/HGA
    Reliable measurements
    Small form factor for easy integration
    Integration for yoursystem
    Low, residualor high oxygen content analysis
    Design according GMP guidelines
    Deterministic CCI test method according to USP <1207>
  • Rouge Monitoring

    Rouge Monitoring
    Online measurement of Rouging in UPW system
    Multiple rouge sensor can be connected to wireless Router and DAQ
    Monitor Rouge Rate and accumulated Rouge
    Determine the need of derouging and passivation frequency scientifically
  • Stream-Sequencer

    Skytech Stream Sequencer
    Help to perform analysis of samples from Multiple streams using single analyzer.
    Available in 2,4 & 6 strings
    Can integrated with any make TOC Analyzer
    Individual I/O to respective PLC’s
    Consolidated print out of all channels.
  • Smart Ground Detector (SGD)

    Smart Ground Detector (SGD)
    A Reliable tool for online control of Static current.
    Both capacitive and resistive technique of detection.
    Detects resistance in the earth loop and Monitors earth potential
    Flameproof Enclosure