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    ARSST : ( Advance Reactive System Screening Tool ) :
    The Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST) is easy to use and cost effective low thermal inertia adiabatic calorimeter for Process Hazard identification
    Low Phi Factor test cell ( 1.05) data for accurate kinetics
    Applications: heat of mixing, heat of reaction, kinetics, thermal stability,TMR,ADT24,TNR,SADT, Flow Regime characterization, Closed Cell testing , Vent Sizing Data
    The Simplified Vent Sizing Data as per DIERS methodology using FERST/ any software package
  • Fauske and Associates USA

    VSP 2 : ( Vent Size Package)
    The Vent Sizing Package 2 (VSP2) adiabatic calorimeter was originally developed through the AIChE DIERS research program to obtain test data for directly sizing emergency relief systems (Vent Sizing)
    The VSP2 system utilizes a patented low thermal mass, temperature and pressure equalized 120-ml test cell configuration
    Pressure balancing allows for low test cell mass (low phi-factor) so data are directly scalable
    Applications: loss of cooling, loss of agitation, mischarge of reagents, batch contamination, and fire exposure heating
  • Fauske and Associates USA

    FERST Vent Sizing Software
    Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI) has updated its emergency relief sizing tools with FERST software powered by CHEMCAD. FERST is the complete package combining the practical and easy-to-use interface and calculation methods from FAI’s PrEVentTM (Practical Emergency Vent Sizing) software, the direct use of temperature rise rates from low Φ-factor calorimetry data from FAI’s VSDS (Vent Sizing Dynamic Simulation) software and the material property, thermodynamic, and software development expertise from ChemstationsTM.

    Online Simulatation Software for mixing validation problem
    User friendly VisiMix mixing simulation software enables process engineers to visualize all the mixing processes – blending, homogenization, liquid dispersion, dissolution and more to increase productivity and reduce costs. The latest VisiMix products are:
    VisiMix 2K8 Turbulent
    VisiMix 2K8 Laminar
    VisiMix 2K8 Different Impellers
    VisiXcel- Data Base
    Visimix Pipe Line
    VisiMix RSD - Rotor Stator Disperser

    High Performance Crucibles for DSC

    TUV SUD’s Switzerland High Performance DSC crucibles for Thermal Analysis. Since more than 40 years TUV provide high quality services in the fields of risk analysis, thermal process safety, chemi­cal reaction hazards, explosion protection, ignition due to static electricity sources and chemical safety.
    TUV SUD supplies crucibles for various brands of DSC analyzer like Mt DSC’s , Setaram, Perkin Elmer etc.
    TUV’s High Pressure crucibles are tested up to 400°C and 200 bar, which is needed for process safety testing.
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