• Combustion / Trace Elemental Analyzer

    Combustion Analyzers for accuracy, simplicity and cost-effectiveness with Horizontal / Vertical NSX-2100 Models. For determination of Total Sulfur / Total Nitrogen/Total Halide in Organic and inorganic samples.

    Total Nitrogen by chemiluminescence method [ASTM D4629/D7184/UOP 981]
    Total Sulfur by UV Fluorescence / Microcoulometric Method [ASTM D5453 / D3120/D6667/ UOP 987 / UOP 988]
    Total Chlorine by Microcoulometric Method [ASTM D4929/ASTM D7457, UOP 910, UOP 779]
    Total Halide by combination IC (CIC) as per ASTMD7359 / D5987.
    Gas / LPG Module for introducing gas and LPG samples in the NSX-2100 analyzer.
    Combination of any or all the above 4 elements [Sulfur / Chloride / Nitrogen / Halide] is available for Gas / LPG, Liquid & Solid Analysis.
    Low Sulphur < 10ppb analysis by TRU210 as option compliant to U0P 987
    AOX / TX / TOX Analyser for Adsorbable Organic Halide (AOX) / Extractable (EOX) / Purgeable (POX) analysis.
  • AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometer)

    AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometer)

    8 lamp auto aligning turret
    Programmable gasbox
    Automatic Burner Rotation (ABR)
    Automated Burner Height
    Super Lamp Power Supply
    Electronic Sample Viewing (ESV)
    175 – 900 nm
    175 – 425 nm D2 correction
  • UV-Vis (UV-Vis Spectrometer)

    UV-Vis (UV-Vis Spectrometer)

    4 Models – Cintra 1010 / 2020 / 3030 / 4040
    Superior scan speeds
    High performance features
    True double beam optics
    Outstanding optical performance
    Cintral Software Quantification, Kinetics, DNA Melt, Colour Analysis
  • CHNS/O Elemental Analyser

    15 year warranty on furnace & TCD detector
    MVC module
    Auto change over from CHNS to O or vice versa with a click of the mouse
    User-friendly operation
    Carrier gases options: Helium or Argon
    Compliant to ASTM D5291
  • TOC Analyser

    USP <643> / EU 2.2.44, ASTM D 5310 B, 4779, 7573 and 4839 complaint
    Wide sample range from 10 ppb to 30,000 ppm
    Optional Total Nitrogen estimation
    Low cost of ownership
    Catalyst guard for extended catalyst life
  • Bu-Manager

    Mr. Sunil Iyer

    Vice President


    Contact Number: 09323210808